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Here's what people have said...

ABOUT Connection Based Service:

"Kath’s training is not about “the sale” it’s about understanding your customer’s true desires. If you can do that, the sales will follow. A breath of fresh air to say the least!” Sarah Bannerman Andrews, Owner SattVa Boutique

“The Connection Based Service training helped me formulate a more clear plan when interacting with customers and consigners alike, especially those who are quieter and need a little more encouragement to engage with.” Kaitlyn Phillips, Client Relationship Manager, The Perfect Fit Consignment Boutique

“Taking the Connection Based Service training a little over a month after I started at SattVa gave me some tools to use to help me connect with clients that otherwise may have been more of a challenge. I had my first big sale a week later, and some of the techniques I learned really helped!” Madison Page, Boutique Coordinator, SattVa Boutique

ABOUT Glow Generating Ops Consulting:

"Kath is one of the most organized people I know.  Her ability to divide and conquer is quite extraordinary.  She has the rare skill of being able to make sense out of chaos, in the most organized way.  While many people can do that, she then has the ability to translate what she has done into a system which makes sense to everyone involved in the business.  She turns the chaos into structure that can be followed, duplicated and replicated.

All of this is done with warmth and understanding for each of her clients. Everything she does is bespoke and grounded in the values that exist in the business.

All businesses need to move out of organic growth to systemized growth. Kath delivers the systems." Suki Laniado-Smith, Partner, Global Head of Culture, Shirlaws Group

"In two hours, you got me from being paralyzed in analysis and fear of making a wrong step to having a template for my brand that will translate to a website, business cards and brochures.  Your questions were insightful and know I feel confident that I can tell me story and help clients tell their stories. 
It feels great to know I have a solid next step on honing my message and creating a brand to represent my business and myself.  As a Type A personality who generally deals in numbers and getting things 'just so', I can hardly believe all the creative ideas that were stuck in my head that you helped me verbalize and visualize.  Working with you was a comfort level of sitting down with an old friend, but with an added bonus that you are fresh eyes and ears that old friends cannot always be.

I would recommend working with Kath Perry for all business owners as well as if you're looking to land that dream job.  She is like an archeologist, helping you discover your true voice.  I look forward to working with her again in the future." Karen Cooper, Owner/Organizer Organized Home, Organized Office