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Connection Based Service Training

When asked this question, how would you ideally like to respond -  "What do you think/know folks say about how they are treated by people in your business?"

If you're not happy with your response, please give us a call! We may be able to help.

Our Connection Based Service training helps connect you and your employees with the joy that comes from giving excellent service to everyone.

We teach practical tools complimented by creative concepts that help your employees connect with everyone they interact with. The work is intended to build trust in relationships, and increase all levels of performance, of course including sales!

The work is ideally suited for businesses with high touch point time with any stakeholder, and can help you and your staff provide a brilliant customer experience for your clients.

Connection Based Service training is also ideal as an internal organizational training program to help people within and between departments develop great service skills. 



Operations SOS

You're running a business, and maybe you're falling behind. You're getting stuck in the weeds of working IN your business, when you know you need more time to work ON your business. 

We can help with:

  • clarifying your brand messaging, we've got a great intuition and insight and apply that to helping you get your vision out loud and proud
  • improving bottom line and creative freedom by implementing operational efficiencies that can help free up your time and let you fall back in love with your business
  • evaluating team structure and needs and recommending and helping implement changes - this goes beautifully hand in hand with our Values Based Recruitment!

We have experience in operations in a huge variety of industries and love nothing more than rolling up our sleeves to help.

We will customize a consulting proposal that will work for you and your business so we can share the load, help you get some joy back, and move your business forward - fast!


Values Based Recruitment

We love nothing more than connecting great people and purpose led organizations. We have developed our Values Based Recruitment process to focus not only on the skills a client is looking for in bringing a fantastic new person into their organization, but also on that key component that we feel is the best predictor to long term success - FIT! 

Our values are the deepest part of ourselves, so it makes perfect sense to us that we use a review of client and candidate values as part of our process.

Contact us to find out more about our unique approach and to chat about how we might bring this success generating process to your business.