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Noctiluca Consulting

Feeling like it's time to shake things up?

Awesome!!! We help relationship focused organizations glow through disruption.

Whether it's getting clear and efficient on your brand messaging, systems and operations, finding sparkling people, or helping your team shine more in their interactions with everyone around them - we can help.


reslient relationships

Connection Based Service Training

Simple, resilient connections - that's what we're all about. We believe that we are all in service to one another, all the time. It's a natural fit for us to deliver tailored customer service training to help you:

  • appeal to your people to dig deep and uncover the joy they derive from serving others
  • connect your people with their natural gifts around service
  • start to change the energy of service from transactional to connecting

Building a Luminous Business

Operations SOS

We know how challenging it can be to run your own business - we're small business owners too!

Let us help, whether it's helping you get launched by having us build a customized service to get your business off the ground, working with one of our trusted partners to deliver programming to ease your business through black holes and brick walls, or just having a chat through some simple ideas to get things flowing.

We're here to help and we'll make it work!

find the people

Values Based Recruiting Services

At Noctiluca, we see a beautiful synergy between all our services. Through working with us, clients often discover the need for staff changes, shifts, and re-organization.

We love nothing more than finding you the right new people and placing the people you already have in the positions they were meant to have.

Of course we're also very happy to take on searches for new clients.


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About the Founder

Kath's personal purpose is to build connections through simplicity and resilience. She is a true entrepreneur with a 'PhD from the street' in a number of business sectors including healthcare, insurance, hospitality, retail, and recruitment. She's now turned her focus to building the IP and services that make Noctiluca Consulting the glowing company it is. 

Kath has always valued serving others, and still thinks her waitressing gig during her university years is her all time favourite job. She started her professional career as a physiotherapist, and brings this love of treating people well to her current business.

Kath grew her management chops in the healthcare and insurance space. While completing her EMBA at Queen's University, she was inspired to join the frenetic and energetic world of entrepreneurship. After 11 creative years away, she returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2013, with a commitment to make a job for herself and to contribute to the local economy. 

Noctiluca's services and products are the culmination—and ever evolving continuation—of the experience Kath has gained throughout her career, and the insights she learned along the way. Kath energizes her work with the resilience she gains from the safe nest of her happy home life with her husband Jim and their two Boston terriers, Effie and Bailey. Her enthusiastic passion for yoga, pilates, and golf, and her grounding spiritual practice also feed and balance her work. 


About Noctiluca

Noctiluca, or sea sparkle, are phosphorescent phytoplankton that bloom in oceans all over the world and generate a brilliant light when disrupted by friction. These tiny creatures produce a glowing line where waves break on the shore, a fairy dust pattern around your legs when you stroll through the water, and leave a luminescent path in your footsteps as you walk along the water's edge.

For us, noctiluca is the perfect metaphor for the glowing change that can happen in your business when you seize the power of disruption. 

Our core values are Empathy, Enthusiasm and Trust.